The aim of the MeteoMap is to give you an overview of where you can study meteorology and where to find a job afterwards. In addition, you can usually also get PhD or postdoc positions at the universities. Other institutes related to atmospheric sciences will also be listed, where you can also find job opportunities after graduation. We try to keep the map on the current state. If you have any remarks just contact us via the contact form. Please be patient if it is not complete from the beginning, it is still under construction.


  • Red Markers with “House”-Icon: Universities with Meteorology studies
  • Green Markers with “Question”-Icon: Max-Planck-Institutions with reference to meteorology/atmospheric sciences
  • Lightblue Markers with “Question”-Icon: Research Institutions listed as Helmholtz-Institutes
  • Darkblue Markers with “Building”-Icon: Main offices of weather services
  • Orange Markers with “Question-Circle”-Icon: research institutes