About Us

These are the persons behind MeteoXchange.

Carola Detring – MeteoXchange Project Manager

Carola Detring graduated in meteorology at FU Berlin. In April 2019 she started working at the German Weather Service (DWD) at the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg in the working group on boundary layer processes with a focus on the study of wind gusts and turbulence from Doppler lidar measurements.

She is a member of the German Meteorological Society (DMG) and was involved in the establishment of a youth section of the society (jDMG) in 2018. Since then, she has been one of the co-chairs of the jDMG and has established a national network of young scientists in the field of meteorology. Now she is responsible for establishing an international network for ECS within the MeteoXchange project and in particular organizing the virtual meetings and the ECS conference.


Philipp Joppe – MeteoXchange Student Assistant

Philipp Joppe graduated in meteorology at JGU Mainz. In December 2021 he started his PhD in the CRC “TPChange” with focus on aerosol research in the tropopause region. Since 2016 he worked as scientific assistant in the working group of airborne measurements and UT/LS transport processes where he also wrote his bachelor thesis.

Currently Philipp organizes with the other students from Mainz the StuMeTa (student meteorology meeting) which will take place in late September this year at the JGU. Within the MeteoXchange project his main task is to build up the website and the MeteoMap and keep it up to date.

Support of MeteoXchange by UPAS (University Partnership for Atmospheric Sciences)

Insa Thiele- Eich (UPAS Project Manager)
Annika Uebachs